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Personal Training

Your Path to BETTER Starts Here

Where you want to go is up to you. We’re here to help you get there safer, faster, and with a smile on your face.


Being fit is about developing lifestyle that energizes your life. It makes you feel capable in mind and body.


Everyone young and old, active or not, faces injury in their life. Our approach is not only to avoid aggravating injuries, but to develop practices that maintain and heal the body.


Developing functional strength and mobility is by far the most effective way to develop a stable, powerful platform when you want to demand more from your body. Let us show you how it’s done!

Weight Loss

We couldn’t leave this one out. If you need a knowledgeable, supportive guide in your journey to a better body, we’ve got the right souls to help you along your way.

We’re here for the JOURNEY.

You can make it to the mountaintop, we’ll help you get there


In-Home Mobile Personal Training

Make the most of your training time with an effective custom fitness program

Our in-home personal training solutions deliver custom-tailored solutions in the convenience of your own home. We work with you towards your unique goals and objectives to develop an achievable plan together. Need an accountability partner? No problem! We keep you focused on being active outside of your training sessions with us, so you get optimal results!

Train at one of our Serviced Facilities

We have locations in Langley, White Rock & Surrey to accommodate your needs

Our on-site gym facilities allow you to work with our personal trainers to bring mastery and enjoyment of the gym environment within your reach. Our mission is to provide you with a balanced and empowered approach to fitness – an achievable program that puts you in control of your health and wellness.


Our Executive Team

Ivan Mirosav

Hi, I’m Ivan and Ivanco Fitness has been my baby for over 6 years now. My job is to ensure you get only the best coaching available. It’s why so many of our clients have continued to work with us even from the very beginning. I personally guarantee your satisfaction when you work with us. Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!


Kevin Hehr

I’ve been working with Ivan from the beginning. As a life-long athlete and a program director at a rehabilitation clinic in Langley, my passion is in helping injured people and athletes alike get better! I also love educating corporate groups with fun and engaging presentations and workshops.

Sports and Rehabilitation Manager

Heather Mirosav

Hi, I’m Heather Mirosav and as you may have guessed, I’m Ivan’s wife :). I make sure the books at Ivanco are in good order and I work in the design and broadcasting of all our marketing material. Give Ivan a call to get your training set up – we won’t let you down!

Accounting & Social Media

Reg $70-$75 per 1-hour session
Summer Special

Personal Training

  • 10 sessions $67.5/ = $675
  • 20 sessions $62.5/ = $1250

Offer Expires Jun 30, 2017.


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How can we help?

  • I have injuries – can Ivanco trainers help me?
  • I have a condition – can I still work with a trainer?
  • Can I share my training with a partner?
  • I have an existing injury claim with ICBC, do you do active rehab?
I have injuries – can Ivanco trainers help me?

In most cases, we can help! We will need a doctor’s note saying you are cleared for an exercise program with a trainer, or an active rehab program with a kinesiologist. Next, our job will be to connect with any practitioners you have seen for your injury. If you don’t have any other than your doctor, that’s okay, we might even be able to refer you to some very helpful people! Aside from that, all of our trainers and kinesiologists are experienced in working not only to prevent, but to help progress your injury in the right direction!

I have a condition – can I still work with a trainer?

We will need doctor’s clearance to begin an exercise program with a trainer or kinesiologist. We will also request some medical information and contacts in case we need to talk to your doctor or therapists. We specialize in working together with these individuals to ensure your best health.

Can I share my training with a partner?

Yes, but our trainers charge an extra $10 per session for this service. Each of you will get a program and depending on your respective training level, you will do the workouts in tandem or each with their own exercises.

I have an existing injury claim with ICBC, do you do active rehab?

Yes, our kinesiologist, Kevin, is experienced in case management and we have qualified professionals who can help you get better! Talk to your adjustor or lawyer to see if insurance will cover your active rehab. Getting a doctor’s recommendation can certainly help!

Our rate for all active rehabilitation is $75 per 1 hour session.

Why choose us?

We Care

Your success is our satisfaction. Our drive comes from our desire to see you create lasting change from within.

We’re Passionate

We believe in what we do and love doing it. We will educate you in each step of your journey and ignite your passion for health.

We’re Professional

Quality relationships are built on mutual respect and strong ethics. We deliver our best so you can achieve yours.

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For over 10 years, we have been helping people live healthy, meaningful lives through personal training and nutrition coaching.