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Nutritional Coaching

At Ivanco Fitness we know that taking a holistic approach to nutrition is key to achieving your best state of health and performance. Whether you are struggling with a health issue or want to take your work and athletic life to the next level, our Nutritionists will help you master implementing lasting lifestyle change.
Fitness Goals

Is your eating holding you back from progress in your fitness? Let us help!

Weight Loss

Studies show that over 74% of your progress in weight loss comes directly as a result of your nutrition.

Better Health

In a world where our options are endless, our bodies often have a hard time telling us how to heal. We combine the latest knowledge with a millenia-old philosophy “Let thy food be thy medicine“

Athletic Performance

When training at a high level. Your performance is largely maximized or limited by the way you fuel. We help you navigate that.

Our Nutrition Programs

We make lasting change possible

Your Personalized Program
Nutrition Foundation


  • • Nutrition Consult and Assessment
  • • Comprehensive Analysis: Identify underlying health issues
  • • Personalized Nutritional Program
  • • Includes: diet and supplementation recommendations, implementation steps, recipes & foundation (1-day) meal plan.
Step 2: 4-week Coaching Plan
Nutritional Coaching


  • • 2 follow-up Coaching Sessions (by Phone)
  • • 8 progress touch points (by Email)
  • • Necessary adjustments to nutritional plan
Meal Plans*


  • Detailed, custom built 3-7 day meal plans
  • *Only available with Nutrition Foundation
Want to improve…
Weight Loss

Cleansing & Detox

Digestive Issues

Energy & Focus


Hormone Balance

Sports Nutrition

Vegan & Specialized Diets

Chronic Inflammation

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We Care

Your success is our satisfaction. Our drive comes from our desire to see you create lasting change from within.

We’re Passionate

We believe in what we do and love doing it. We will educate you in each step of your journey and ignite your passion for health.

We’re Professional

Quality relationships are built on mutual respect and strong ethics. We deliver our best so you can achieve yours.

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About us

For over 10 years, we have been helping people live healthy, meaningful lives through personal training and nutrition coaching.