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Everything you do for your health – your fitness training, stress levels and sleep – is actually influenced by your nutrition. It’s only with a solid foundation of smart eating that you can build up all of these other factors successfully.

I’ve consulted with hundreds of clients who tell me that they know how to eat smart, but their health was living proof that this was not the case.

If “healthy eating” is leaving you with excess body fat, low energy and poor mental focus, then it’s just not enough to “eat healthy.” You need to Eat Smart.

Today’s world of excessively processed, modified, industrialized food has left us with food intolerance, inflammatory disease and vitality so low that we have come to accept this as the norm…

 We’ll guide you!
  • Our EAT SMART Guide will provide you with effective guidelines

  • We’ll teach 3 principles that will put you “in the zone”

  • Our private Facebook Community will be your source of inspiration as others share their challenges, victories and methods of success

  • Talk to the experts! Live Q&A sessions with our Holistic Nutritionist to advance your knowledge

The cost to join is $0.

Our goal is to empower you in your journey to your best health. The only cost to this challenge is your commitment to follow the guide and engage in changing your life for the better.

So what do you have to lose? If you lose anything this coming month, make it your fatigue, excess weight, and self-dissatisfaction. Join the EAT SMART Challenge

Our Fans

Big Boost to Mental Focus

I’ve been eating healthy for years and did Eat Smart for the challenge and to see if eliminating sugar for a month would improve my energy. What I didn’t realize is how powerful the combined Macronutrients and Time Restricted principles are – Friends if you haven’t implemented these, there is a whole world of mental acuity and physical energy waiting for you – Dive in and discover it for yourself!

Ivan Mirosav

Lost 9lbs in 4 weeks

I always ate reasonably healthy but always had some stomach bloating and a few extra unwanted pounds. I was afraid Eat Smart would be too restrictive but found just the opposite! I had no issues applying the rules and principles and better yet, I lost 9lbs in 4 weeks! My stomach feels better and I can’t wait to join the Eat Smart Challenge once again!

Heather Morrison


If you want a push you towards your goals and real help to change your lifestyle Ivanco’s Eat Smart challenge is the way to go – the team at Ivanco does it because they care and that comes through in everything they teach and do!

Gurleen Bandhari

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For over 10 years, we have been helping people live healthy, meaningful lives through personal training and nutrition coaching.