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Changed My Life

I sought out nutritional advice from Carmyn after struggling for over a year with fatigue, constant hunger and poor sports performance. I can hardly believe how much her advice has changed my life in such a short time. I never realized just how much of a key role diet plays in unlocking peak athletic performance and optimal recovery. For the first time in my life I have been able to run a mile in 6 minutes 57 seconds; a 32 second improvement!


Make it happen!

I manage the sales department of a new car dealership , work 60+ hours a week and am single dad to 3 young children. Time is very important to me, But the one thing that I can count on is my trainer showing up at my house 8 am every Tuesday and Thursday. When I don’t think I have the time to work out, he shows up and doesn’t let me dog it. He pushes my limits every week in a safe and respectable manner. If you’re like me – no time for exercise – give Ivanco a shout – you’ll never look back.

Patrick Curtis
Sales Manager at Wolfe’s Langley Mazda

Loving the new me

Raising 3 kids didn’t leave me the time I needed to be as active as I had wanted. My daughters had graduated and moved out, and I knew it was time to take care of me. Through their Eat Smart Challenge, and regular sessions with my trainer, I got active and worked through all the challenges along the way. What was first a scary undertaking is now an inseparable, joy-filled part of my life thanks to Ivanco!

Roberta Morrison

Easy to work with

I enjoy working out with my trainer, which doesn’t mean our workouts are easy! My trainer is passionate about his work, and good at it too. Our training is smart and complements my favorite sports: Skiing, Running, and Cycling. If pushing me is what I need to achieve the goals we’ve set, I’ll take short-term pain for long-term gain. Cheers to the Team at Ivanco.

Gerald Letkeman
President – Fusion Homes

Changed my life for the better

Ivanco has totally changed my life for the better. The energy of their trainers is infectious. I can honestly say that my 3 months in their program has challenged me and changed my life completely. I now have the knowledge and confidence to work out with proper form and less risk of injury. Through the Nutritional Coaching, I now know what kind of fuel my body needs to operate at a high level, and it is all thanks to Ivanco’s knowledge of nutrition and how the body works. I can say with confidence that if you are ready to make a change in your life, Ivanco Fitness can get you there.

Marnix Vanturennout
Sales Associate at Hyundai Langley


Before finding Ivanco I was at a very low point in my life. I was 62 and frustrated with weight gain. It was affecting my self-esteem, which started a downward spiral with depression and poor eating choices. Everything was going around in a vicious circle and I thought I was just too old to improve myself on a physical level. I needed help and Ivanco came into my life at the perfect time…I was on a two year waiting list for dual arthroscopic knee surgery. This contributed to my lack of exercise because I couldn’t walk without pain. I had been hearing about Ivanco and the good things they were doing. The first thing Ivanco did was take time to find out where I was in life, emotionally and physically. My trainer explained that no matter what stage of life you are in, exercise training is important. It promotes strength in your bones, a good heart and a healthy body. They set you up with a program and train you for what you personally need. The next thing we did was put me on a nutrition program, and spent time teaching me about nutrition. I am seeing such good results, and don’t feel hungry in the least. I am full of energy, feel good about myself, and now have a great outlook on life. I have since had my surgeries and we worked to strengthen muscles around my knees before surgery allowing me to recuperated much faster than anticipated. We are now doing recovery, release work and strength training and my knees are so much better. I would recommend Ivanco to anyone looking to improve their quality of life and their overall wellbeing. Thank you Ivanco.

Jennifer Melwicks
Office Manager

My greatest inspiration

Ivanco brought enthusiasm back into my life. Having struggled with severe secondary progressive MS, I was very discouraged about my mobility. I now have knowledge of muscles and anatomy, and the ability to use release techniques is helping me work the rust off my body. I’m 17 weeks into training and am seeing the effect in my legs and in my balance. With Ivanco, I believe in myself and know that I can reach all my goals. Though I may never play hockey again, my training sessions are something I always look forward to.

Bobby Gill

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